My boyfriend didn't admit me he had child 😢?

I was in a relationship with my African boyfriend for 3yrs now. I am very sad and hurt so bad i thought his the one for me, but i until i found out snooping his wallet i found ID picture of 3yr old girl just look like him and even i snooping his cellphone will he was sleeping. I think thats his child 😭😭. I love him so so much. I did told him today afternoon is he married and he says his not married and i told him did he have children or kids and he says No. And he told me if his married and have child he didn't want me to come see him anymore and he can spend more with his family.
But he didn't admit to me about the child.. 😢
And i want to tell him the truth that i secertly snooped through. how can explain it too him. i love him so much.. why done this to me. promise me..


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  • calm... down... problem have solution...
    you seen that pic.
    you can directly ask him or if you don't want to his feeling then become a detective and find more evidences.

    best way is to directly ask him.
    you are his girlfriend.
    you have right to open and use his phone and right to know about. you not with him for sex only. you are serious right.
    then ask him.

    and losing bad is never a loss.
    if he is wrong it's mean he is wrong.

    even you know that you love him. but somewhere inside in your heart also know that you cannot stay with a person like.

    hmm... directly ask him.
    be simple and straight.
    best of luck.

    • Thks. I am really sad, now i am just waiting for him to come back home and tell about it but hope his not mad cause i never touch his personal stuff before

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    • 😂😂
      told you...
      best of luck

    • 😁😁i am so happy

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  • Maybe it's a friends child or relatives or even a younger sibling.

    If it is his, that's a huge secret to keep. I'd wouldn't be able to restrain myself from confronting him. I'd ask him why he felt the need to keep that from me.

    If it is his, then you're going to find it difficult to trust him again. Once someone lies to you once, every truth becomes questionable

    I wouldn't be able to stay with a guy who'd lied to me for three years. That's a deal- breaker for me. It's a sign of lack of respect. It's devious too , regardless of his motive for lying


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  • soooo many things wrong with this picture, wayyy too many


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  • OK Crazy... have you ever thought that maybe its not his kid but just someone special to him... or maybe worse... maybe that WAS his child and she died so... roll back your crazy stocker tendencies and try a new approach

    • how could you say his child died.. The photo is new in his wallet anther photo is a women passing the child to him same girl. I have rights to check on him.

    • thats his relatives.. things settle alrdy..

  • Hold up..

    1) Why are you snooping through his personal stuff?
    2) That kid could literally be any family member

    • I was wrong that kid is his brother daughter and not his. Oh wow i am happy crazy. He show me prove his brother was there in the car with him and i sit there they both talk to me.. My boyfriend told me i can't be hot temper just like without kw the truth first his brother told his wife come down with his daughter. so verything settle. My Boyfriend told me not worried anything cause his planning married me.

  • sorry but he lied to you and its called betrayal... confront him about it.

    • No he never lied. Is his brother child we had alrdy talk about it hid was there and talk to is his child. He call his wife and daughter. i saw it my own eyes the wife also tell me.

    • my boyfriend told me he want to married me and he told me can't be temper like that unless i must tell and kw the turth.

  • if it bothers you discuss with him may not be as big a problem as you think or he is married and you are his side chick. air it out think about it will only make you crazy

  • It could be a family member and bit his child

  • Love child alert.


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