Much help needed with a girl... never felt like this before?

Hey Guys,
so I hooked up with a girl last summer and didn't see her again till November where we then had sex. I've seen her probably 5 times since then and had sex and then went to her sorority date night where she told me I like her more than she likes me when I tried to kiss her. but before i left we made out and she seemed into it. We have talked none stop up until this point through text and snapchat but I haven't had a conversation with her for a week. She was in a 3 year relationship before this. She has told me I'm perfect and she could see me being with her but I feel like i may have rushed things too fast. She has said I'm perfect and she could see us becoming boyfriend girlfriend. She lives a couple hours away but I really like her and just want to know what I should do.


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  • What exactly is the problem? You like her she likes you

    • Not weird at all that she said that I like her more than she likes me and she hasn't texted me or started a convo on snap since?

    • I've been giving some space

    • Wait she said that you like her more then she likes you?
      Maybe she's busy now that's why she didn't start a convo or maybe she's waiting on you to text her first

  • ask her out?


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