Dumped Me, Now he wants to hang out! WHY?

I dated a guy for less than a month - just three dates - no sex or kissing, but he was always serious - talking about marriage and having kids, so I thought I was for the long term.

We had great chemistry and everything was going fine, then out of the blue, he dumped me and offered to be friends. He said "he didn't feel anything romantic from the first date" - but I think it's bs, so does my friends because otherwise WHY would he always ask me to go on dates and treat me romantically.

I needed time apart as I can't go back to "friends" since we never were - we met online. I made no contact after he ended it.

Four days later after he dumped me, he asks to meet up for drinks, I told him I had plans. Then the following week, he wanted to see if I wanted to join him and his best guy mates for drinks. He is someone who I casually dated, he broke up with me, and I was really sad and disappointed that he ended it, but I was going to move on.

So why does he want to hang out now - he ended it two weeks ago and he already has asked to meet up twice. What is he thinking? Does he regret ending it, or is he purely treating me as a friend?
P. S I also declined the second offer to meet up for drinks with his mates too


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What Guys Said 2

  • He can't make up his mind though him wanting you to hang out with him and his mates suggests that he wants to remain friends (assuming he never asked you to be just the two of you)

    • hmm yeah he did say he was unsure and didn't know how to progress forward, that's why he ended it too - he didn't want to lead me on and I guess "be the nice guy and let me go".

      The first time he asked to meet was just with me, then second time he asked was for me to join with his mates, who I never met before too. So I don't know if he is trying to be "friends", so he feels more comfortable and then edging it into the romantic direction again. He always said he doesn't want to lose me if he made the wrong move and how he can't ignore me because I am the coolest girl he knows, and that even though we are "dating" he wants to be friends and see how it goes (this was before he dumped me).

      So I really don't know what he is thinking - feels like he wants to keep me around, whilst he makes up his mind up and be "friends". He knows I'm not going to hang around to be friends, when I always wanted more and how he pushed the "serious" talk from the beginning.

    • Well, he has to make up his mind. You can't wait for him forever. Maybe, just tell him how you feel and how it won't work by being just friends. Let him think for a while

  • Next him. You want a man who knows himself and knows what he wants


What Girls Said 1

  • He probably does regret his decision.
    I'd accept his offer but I'd be weary of him.
    He doesn't seem dependable.

    • hmm yeah maybe, i don't want to hang around someone who just wants to be friends, it's too cruel. That's why I don't contact him anymore and whenever he texts me, it's always about meeting up.

    • Then say once again, "We're not looking for the same thing. I appreciate the offer but I am not interested."

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