Crush on my coworker, what do?

I have a coworker who is starting to make me think she's into me. She always seems to look me in the eyes when we talk and her body always seems to end up facing directly at me (not to the side etc.). And she doesn't seem to move away physically to keep space between us, for example she basically let her hair touch my hand the other day when she was showing me stuff on her phone. We work on different teams but talk 3-4 times a week (mostly on lunch break) and have several common interests. When I needed her help on a project she immediately worked on it and also continued on it after work, at night, she messaged me at like 12 am to send me some stuff she had worked on! Also, she suggested hanging out outside of work (leaving out details for anonymity), and that's when I started feeling like maybe there was something more to it...

I wasn't crushing on her at first, but she *is* cute and now that she's being so friendly and seemingly interested in me, I'm starting to have a crush. But also she has a boyfriend.

So what should I do? If you are/were a girl would you act like this towards a guy if you were attracted to him? Does it matter that she has a boyfriend?

She's a relatively friendly and positive person in general, so that makes it harder to tell if she's just naturally like this. My plan right now is accept her offer to do something outside of work, and see what happens if I try getting physically closer with her (like subtly touching arms at first, etc.)
Also she does smile and laugh often when we talk but I didn't include that because she does that with everyone
Like maybe she's just a particularly friendly person who doesn't need a lot of personal space, how do I tell the difference?


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  • Well that could go either way. Just because she has a boyfriend doesn't mean that they're concrete. Just casually let her know you're interested, but don't push it.


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