Trying to date in the tangible world... please help?

I'm really pretty, and have a great personality, so why do guys never seem to approach me and tell me that they like me? I get checked out a lot, but guys never seem to act on it. It's the same thing with online dating. They view my pics a lot, but the guys I'm interested in, never bother to contact me. I use an online app, Whisper, to vent and when I get a conversation going with people, we always hit it off.

I'm trying to steer away from online dating and try dating in the real world, but it's hard not to revert when you're constantly getting looked at, yet no one bothers to talk to you.


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  • I do understand this because I'm experiencing some more of the same thing however maybe the difference between you and I is that I'm going out and asking people out. Except I'm the one that gets laughed at and told that I'm the creep and "what if you're like don't predator". So I've made the choice that I'm not looking any more and unless she puts in the effort and falls in my lap then I won't bother. A lot of men are feeling like this and are being told by other women that we don't look it just happens, we just need to wait. It might benefit the women a lot of they decided to be more forthcoming like the minority of women and start asking men out?

    • I've been the pursuer all my life and it's so annoying. I just wish that they would come up to me for a change.

    • I think a lot of men are being discouraged these days

    • Thanks, I guess your right. I hate how the world can be so mean.

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  • you can't have your cake and eat it too. So neither you go out and try and get a man or you have to wait until one comes to you. You are pretty that why you get the looks, but that only goes so far. Just because you think you have a great personality doesn't, by the sound of things, mean it actually true.

  • Go after people, show them your interested besides don't worry about. Some guy eventually won't be able to resist your charms and he's gonna drop on you like a nuclear bomb.

  • "really pretty" hahahaha yeah right.


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