Girls, is my girl cheating emotionally?

My girlfriend has been going out of her way to make her ex fling jealous. They were never a couple, because she met him when she was in a relationship, then when she was single again, he was with someone and so forth. I know that they had something for a short period (she cheated on her ex boyfriend with him).

The guy kind of "woke up" when he found out she was dating me and told her that he was in love with her. She acted very strange the next couple of days, but then everything was normal between us.

But then I found out they were texting for like two hours one day and she was complaining about her life to him. I know it was bad of me to check her phone, but I had a feeling in my gut she was up to something. I was right. It wasn't anything other than talking about their lives, but the fact that she had told me a while back that the only reason it never worked out between them was because they were never truly both single at the same time has made me think a lot.

Lately she's become VERY eager to post a lot of pictures of us on social media and on snapchat to the point of me thinking it was over-the-top, because she never did that before. I found out her and the guy have been sending direct snaps to each other apparently. Add to that, she's been going out of her way to film me in different situations telling me it was for fun and then I find out she's been using these videos and sending to her ex-fling, like obsessively trying to make him jealous. It seems to me the guy isn't reacting to any of this which makes her crazy.

What's going on in her head?


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  • Seems like it


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