When a guy barely asks you questions? Is this a red flag?

So I'm 18, and the guy I'm talking to is 23. I'm a college freshman, and he is in grad school. We have been talking since November. There have been some red flags like, forcing me to kiss him and killing/kidnappings jokes (he's a criminology major) that I have ignored. I'm just now noticing that he barely asks questions to get to know me. I noticed this the first time we've hung out. If he does ask me a question and I give him a reply, he just responds with "wow" or is silent. I've told him I wanted to be friends for now. But we're going to hang out again next week and if I notice he's still doing the same behavior, should I end things or? He is nice, caring, and funny though but I don't know.


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  • He mi8 b shy if he replied with wow n then keeps mum.. may b he is not that confident when it comes to dating a girl.. may b he finds u so attractive that it scares him to actually ask u out often.. or hang out with u.. or even the idea of a call or text to u might be giving him goosebumps n he simply might snap out on those occasions.


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  • I personally don't ask many questions, either. But that's not because I'm not interested, it's because I don't want to stick my nose into other people's business.
    I'll gladly listen to anything they wanna tell me, I don't mind being asked questions, I just don't like feeling like I'm prying into other's people lives.
    Can't say if he's one of those, too, but it's a possibility.


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