How can I show this guy that I like him back?

I'm pretty sure a guy from work likes me back. He:
-acts awkward around me
-always staring at me
-likes my selfies even the really geeky ones
-always helping me out and coming through for me. Last time he helped me, he said he was leaving but he stuck around and helped me with something and didn't leave until I got it.
-always trying to start a conversation with me
-and he is always standing close to me
-always telling me his plans and schedule for the day. No guy has ever done this so I thought that was weird.
I'm awkward as hell and sometimes say things without thinking about it. How can I be calm and show him that I like him as well?



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What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe you can do the same things as him: like his pics, talk about ur life.. just be kind and let the things be done by themself.. ;)


What Girls Said 1

  • Initiate a conversation with him from time to time, tease him, touch him a lot while you're talking to him, wear cleavage, subtly admit that you consider him attractive, compliment him...


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