Girls, Is this girl into me?

There is this girl in my psych class whose number I got from last semester. We hadn't talked in a few month but now we sorta are, she giving mixed signals. Today we left class together and we're talking about the upcoming exam and how we should study together. She then pulls out her phone and takes multiple selfies of us w/o saying anything. I notice and sorta play around saying I hope she got my good side and how I was voted most photogenic in high school. But I want to know why she decided to go this in the first place, and if she like me.


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  • That doesn't mean she likes you. That's normal friend behavior to do random stuff like take pictures without warning and stuff.

    • Oh ok I thought she might be flirting but I wasn't sure. She's been givin mixed signals since day 1. I just figured she was flirting bc she's called me cute a few times and basically told me that I have to sit with her in class even if I don't like it. I was gonna text her tmrw and ask her out just to see how she'd respond

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    • ok thanks I'll go for it but sometimes I feel like she's into me and other times I don't, I'm probably just real bad at gauging women's interest in me. Hopefully it goes well

    • tbh, I'm the same but with guya

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