How do I stop being so nervous about asking a girl out?

I am extremely nervous about trying to start a relationship, I really care a hell of a lot about this girl and i want more of her in my life. But I am too afraid to ask her out because of my past experiences with dating. I feel like a moron because I don't have enough courage to man up and ask her.


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  • It's 2017 ; trump is president, cash me outside is still trending, I lost my ham sandwich in the bathroom; anything is possible. Just go for it. According to my calculations there's a 50% chance she'll say yes and you'll live happily ever after.

    • Lol I hope so, I hang out with her a lot, and walk her to class when it's dark. I think I could be worthy of dating her

    • We were just hanging out today like we have done for some time now and she likes a lot of the same stuff I do. And we get along extremely well

    • I have hope for this blossoming relationship.

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  • Can you set something up where you and her are together in a group setting?

    • I'm going to a thing this weekend with her which might be my chance but I don't know

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    • If you use excuses to avoid doing this now, you will look back later and regret what you did. Make yourself proud and go try it!

    • I was going to ask her when we went to this comic book convention since there was going to be a Dance but since she broke her ankle and couldn't move around very well Due to her scooter we didn't go to the dance and. my plans were ruined

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  • Just realize she's another human being, I know that sounds cliche but the more you put someone on a pedestal and "out of reach" the harder it's going to be to go ahead and do it. Just strike up conversation and casually ask what she's doing next weekend and have some sort of plan on where to go beforehand.

    • I talk to her all the time and we a actually are hanging out this weekend and we have hung out many times before. I just don't know the right time to strike up the golden question

    • I'm not very good with the whole aspect of asking someone out

  • Nervous is ok, as long you have the courage to ask her out, you gonna just "fuck it" then do it.

    • I don't know how to express that In words with out feelings like I'm not going to fuck up what I'm trying to say

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    • I don't think I would run away but I would probably be to nervous to speak

    • Like usual