How to love my bf?

Recently I've been feeling like I haven't been loving my boyfriend like I should. I'm not really sure how to express my love to him, he has been showing concern lately about wether I love him or not. I do love him a lot I'm just not sure how to show it.


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  • You're finding it difficult because you're thinking about it. Love cannot be forced, even if you love him. Loving acts are spontaneous, if they aren't, they're just.. acts. Just like an expected gift isn't a real gift. Small things such as being on the way home from school, seeing a key-chain of two animals (or whatever) holding hands, and then thinking of him/getting them as a sign of love, could be one thing. Even something as insignificant as not being worried about holding hands in public. So stop trying to think about it, and just do it.. so to speak. :)


What Girls Said 1

  • guys love 3 things... good food. good sex... and loyalty, I'm sure he likes more things. provide this and he'll feel the love from you


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