Was this girl acting friendly toward me, has a crush on me or acting nice to me because I help her at work? How does she feel about me?

I met a new hire at the company and I noticed she was acting nice to me. She would contact me the most out anybody in the office for assistance. 2-3 times a week, she would contact me through chat, phone and email. She offered to buy me candy and coffee but got upset when I declined. She would smile and tell me to have a good weekend. She met me at a store and she jumped and screamed my name. She even called me and asked if she was bothering me because she contacted me so much. She would act this way towards me for 4 months.
On Thursday, at 430pm in the evening she contacted me asked me to help her setup a computer so she could work at home.
I went to go meet her and I noticed everybody in the office left except for her.
I sat right next to her and I helped her setup the computer. She mentioned she was a student and I mentioned that we went to the same school. I told her that the school was far from my house and she asked me where I lived. I also told her that in order to receive work email at home she would have to have an access token. I asked her if she had anybody’s contact so they could provide her a token number.
She mentioned she didn’t and I offered my help by providing my token number. She eventually ask for either my work or personal number but I declined and told her she can contact me. I left and I noticed her blush and smile.
The next day Friday, she sent me a chat in at 1pm when she was home and saying Hello and I told her that I wanted to contact her earlier. She mentioned she was busy. She then sent me a chat with the follow: Hi, Name I would like to speak to you. Please call me at her personal cell phone number with a smiley face.
Since I was busy assisting somebody, I provided the token through chat and she typed that it’s fine to chat her instead.
The following Monday, she chatted me and mentioned she had the laptop and mentioned she can either come to me or I can pick up the laptop. I went to her and picked up the laptop.

The next day Tuesday, she chatted me and mentioned her boss needed assistance and she would like me to come up or she asked me if I can ask the other tech to come up. I helped her boss and she smiled and said thanks for the token.
For some reason, I asked her to provide the mobile phone setup sheet to her boss and she got a bit upset and asked me to do it. She proceeded to say See ya later in a bit of a upset tone.
Later that evening at 8pm, I sent her a text to her number with Hi, It’s Name, how’s everything going? She responded back 3 hr 30 mins at 11:30pm in the evening with Hi, Name, everything is fine. Is there something you need? At 12am, I responded with just saying Hello. She didn’t respond to my text.


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What Girls Said 2

  • She doesn't have a crush on you. She was simply being polite and friendly towards you.

  • Don't get in a relationship with someone you work with.

    • I no longer work at the company. What do you think about the situtation?

What Guys Said 1

  • Either you read the situation way wrong to begin with or you just missed a chance and sent out varying signs that she couldn't interpret so.. I don't know. You just need to decide for yourself if her signs are actually signs


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