Guys, What the hell did he mean?

I have this guy friend (I'm a girl) we've been friends for 3 years. We started hooking up and think he wants to date me but today he was at the gym where I work and he was joking "uuugh I just want to die. I'm just going to kill myself lol" I said "nooo please don't" and he joked "No one loves me 😩 Nala (his best friends dog) is the only one who loves and she doesn't even talk. that's my only girlfriend :( No one loves meeee" then he made the puppy dog face and I said "that's not true at all" but he didn't believe me lol

Was he trying to get a reaction from me? It's an odd thing to say, no?


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  • Odd but possibly with a hint of truth to it. Maybe show him that you mean something to him


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