Why can't I approach women even if they are giving me signs?

Im not insecure and i dont have fear of rejection so why else can't i approach girls? Even if she keeps looking and plays with hair? Need to get over this im missing out on so many opportunities


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  • you are scared, otherwise what's pulling you back?

    • scared of what

    • I don't know. maybe of being ignored?

    • but it happens even if they are being obvious

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  • Well. Multiple answers. Even insecurities could be one even if you say it isn't. Be completely honest and reminded yourself you only want the truth and the honest honest truth is the only way to truly fully and best way to fix the problem. After you feel that then consider.

    It could be you have no reason to approach her? That's one for me. If the only reason is because I want to I feel like it's not good enough a reason as if I shouldn't.

    If you not afraid of what will happen or at least courageous enough and know what to do/say and know what you want out of it and think it's appropriate enough then just do it. The push might be there. Maybe you're not feeling inclined subconsciously do u think that's possible?

    • i dress ok smell good and average looking so no reason to feel insecure, the reason i want to approach is because i want to date her. Its just that everytime i think about approaching someone i get this weird feeling in my stomach its like my body is resisting.. Also can you explain what subconsciously inclined means?

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    • I will check it out

    • Great

      Let me know what you think about it, when you get the chance to

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