If guy is comfortable to hold eye contact but still won't approach me, is he waiting on some sign and is a shy guy or he just isn't that in to me?

Like he always lock eyes with me until I look away... but still won't initiate any conversation with me.
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  • Second option, he isn't that in to you.
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What Guys Said 2

  • Men generally are affraid to get shot down so we normally are shy..

  • Why would he initiate conversation with you? How many genuinely interesting girls do any of you know?

    • Well apparently I'm interesting enough to look at...😁

    • Sometimes we just enjoy looking. Nothing more, nothing less... Reminds me of this time I saw an attractive girl come into a new job. After she noticed me looking at her, she came straight over and asked for my number and wanted to meet up. WTF, I was just looking... maybe he is too.

    • Yeah but it has happened several times :D

What Girls Said 1

  • Think he is waiting for some sign or waiting for you to make the first move 😉


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