Am I misreading our friendship?

I met this girl who has a boyfriend I use to be cool with him but we no longer talk but I befriend his girlfriend without knowing they dated but after a while I don't know how I feel anymore, we hang out almost every day and spend all day with each other she talks about her boyfriend a lot sometimes to complain at first I thought it was just me ans maybe it is when I see her sometimes I wanna pull her in and hold her let her know she's safe but shouldn't her boyfriend do this? I'm okay being in the background but I just want a clear mind knowing it's just one sided


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  • It looks like it's just a friendship to me tbh. I wouldn't look any more into it, especially seeing as she has boyfriend.

    • That's what I thought at first but I learned from her brother and mom that she talks about me more than her boyfriend and I read a text from her mom saying we should be together but honestly I'm pushing her away because it just feels wrong

    • Ya she has a boyfriend so it's best just to leave it.

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