What's the point of lying about yourself? Is it just low self esteem?

Was seeing a guy that I met off an online dating app for a few months and he said he wanted to take things really slow (sex and all) since his previous relationships he rushed into. I believed him but he started to become really distant and just didn't seem interested anymore so I just assumed he wasn't. I reactivated my pof profile since I'm new where I live and still want to meet someone who is interested in dating. While I was on there, it just so happened he has a profile that has pics of him, with one really douchey shirtless mirror pic that he never had on his profile when I first started talking to him (if he did I wouldn't have talked to him in the first place because that comes across immature to me) he lied about his, age, career, height, name, etc. I'm definitely glad I dodged this one but why on earth would you lie about these things with your own pics? He made himself out to be sooo great and here he is lying about himself on a dating app lol


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  • well it might be dat he no want make his lady knI what he de do just be careful bc man like hide there relationship jus to get in yr pants


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