What do hot girls look for in man?


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  • Hot guys with big muscles

  • Fam. Here's some facts. If all u care about is hot girls I promise u that u will only find girls who want sex. Shallow attracts shallow and ur being shallow so you'll get shallow. Lmao. If u like loads of sex it's all good but u won't get a relationship if u think hot girls want anything different from girls u don't find attractive. Also how can every hot girl want the same thing... ? Ur 27 how can u even think so close mindedly and shallow like fam come on. U not even ready for a relationship lmao fix ur self

    • Chill Anonymous chill you sound to be a minor under 18. I have been through 2 very satisfied and content relationships amicably ended. Please keep your advice to youself if you don't have answer to asked question.. Do grow up soon

    • Age ism... one of the many ism's we forget about. Does it hurt taking advice from a person younger? Does it bother u? And how will you know what I'm ready for you don't know me infact all you've ever read from me is 2 paragraphs. Keep my opinions to myself? U asked a question on a website. I think what you meant was keep your opinions that I don't like to yourself lol. Not everyone in life will agree with u my man, it ain't that deep. Good luck

What Guys Said 1

  • Big penis
    High social status

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