What do hot girls look for in man?


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  • Each one of the hot girls have different wants and needs. and some of them may not even know what they want. When they don't know what the want , they look to you and see what you have to offer and whether they like it or not. so the burden is on you to present yourself properly. see if you have bought values to the table to negotiate with them and make a fair deal with them. They expect you to be well educated , well dressed , be more valuable in terms of fame , fortune ambitions and life goals. you should have passion for live and passion to be a man who loves family. and society. So your confidence , your abilities , your hobbies and your valuable to give to her and the family is important. You need to be an experienced guy with skills and ability to charm girls quite easily Your dating game should be well polished. They want to feel secure , trusted well cared for , loved , sensible and helpful in doing adjustments to promote love. when you have the mental power to bring them under their control and the confidence to take them home to meet your mom , and say to your mom , that I am prepared to love this beautiful girl , then they will feel that you are the right man.


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  • Big penis
    High social status


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  • Hot guys with big muscles

  • Fam. Here's some facts. If all u care about is hot girls I promise u that u will only find girls who want sex. Shallow attracts shallow and ur being shallow so you'll get shallow. Lmao. If u like loads of sex it's all good but u won't get a relationship if u think hot girls want anything different from girls u don't find attractive. Also how can every hot girl want the same thing... ? Ur 27 how can u even think so close mindedly and shallow like fam come on. U not even ready for a relationship lmao fix ur self

    • Chill Anonymous chill you sound to be a minor under 18. I have been through 2 very satisfied and content relationships amicably ended. Please keep your advice to youself if you don't have answer to asked question.. Do grow up soon

    • Age ism... one of the many ism's we forget about. Does it hurt taking advice from a person younger? Does it bother u? And how will you know what I'm ready for you don't know me infact all you've ever read from me is 2 paragraphs. Keep my opinions to myself? U asked a question on a website. I think what you meant was keep your opinions that I don't like to yourself lol. Not everyone in life will agree with u my man, it ain't that deep. Good luck

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