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So.. if a guy says I'm not ready to be more than good friends right now but stares at you (and you butt) texts you almost everyday, sees you almost everyday, says he cares about you. What does he want? I already said no friends with benefits. So Is he just shy or is he legit scared?


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  • He sounds very precautions. Perhaps he doesn't want to rush and make mistakes from his past relationships or perhaps he is scared. Best way to know is ask him by telling all these things you've just stated in your question. Ask him what's going on, but do so when he's comfortable not just out of the blue as it might freak him out if he is scared.

    • I asked and he said I'm waiting on you to trust me and I get the feeling that you don't just yet. I told him that I already trust him a lot it's just that i have a habit of trusting people completely then they leave me high and dry or just use me. He said that he's not leaving and that is because at the worst case scenario we'd be friends.

    • Well that's it then. If you trust him and want to pursue a relationship with him other than friendship then have patience. He probably needs to get comfortable with you enough to feel like he can trust you, but I don't know how long or short of time that may be. If anything though he's reassured you he wants you in his life even if the most it will ever be is friendship, question is, would you be fine with that?

    • Ok. Thanks for helping me! I mean his mom really likes me. So that's one good thing I got going for me

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  • He wants to be friends with you and nothing more than that. Or he hopes to change your mind about the friends with benefits thing.


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