How does your SO react when you are feeling down, facing problems or simply feeling sad? How to deal with my boyfriend who doesn't seem to care?

i saw this quote "how a person reacts to your sadness says a lot about how long they're going to be in your life". and i thought of my boyfriend who doesn't show that he cares much. once i posted something implying that i am sad and facing problems. he commented "it will be better" but he NEVER cared to ask me what happened. he just continued with his life. and when im sad, he doesn't really comfort me or ask me if im okay. he just puts sad faces and be like :(. how does your SO react? and what should i do about my boyfriend's case. he says he cares about how i feel. but I don't know.


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  • I realized that my husband can't be my everything and I have to trust that God cares and will do something if I trust in God. My husband has very little emotional intelligence and he is a person who has no empathy so it's just hard for him to know what to say since his family raised him up to be like that! Plus I think that relying 100% on someone is not ok, you have to have your own backbone too. You know? Just realize that you will be ok yourself, and know that you will be taken cared of by a God who knows you and knows your heart... you'll be fine.

    • don't you feel annoyed by him? i know that a relationship partner is not supposed to be a counsellor or anything but sometimes it really helps to have someone comfort you yknow? especially if that person is someone you love a lot.

    • I am a little bit. But I try to be understanding and I have learned to respect him for what he is good at, which is a lot. I also have gotten closer to God because I know God is supposed to be my everything, not him

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  • My boyfriend will literally go out of his way to make me open up and help me feel better. Once he senses something is wrong he'll legit just put all his focus on me and call me. He takes care of me so well and I appreciate him so much for that. ❤️

    • sigh u have such a great boyfriend. cherish him alright. last long <3

    • I'm so lucky and I will hehe ❤️

      Did you tell your boyfriend and did he say he'll try to improve at all?

    • he says he will improve all the time but he doesn't. then when we fight he says he's trying really hard. but how do i believe that.

  • he asks me why I feel bad , sometimes I don't even tell him I feel sad and he realizes and asks. he tries to confort me but sometimes he doesn't know what to say. Maybe you're boyfriend is insecure and doesn't know how to make u feel better , you should talk to him about and tell him that u feel like he doesn't care bc he doesn't ask or confort u

  • Talk to him about it, tell him how it makes you feel. To answer the other part my fiancé cuddles me, asks me what's wrong and asks if there is any way to help if I'm feeling down or having problems

    • i talked to him before but i feel like 1) if someone really doesn't care what's the point of changing and trying to ACT like he cares and 2) nothing much really changed, I've talked to him about it a few times. he says he's "not good with people".

    • Even people who aren't good with others show some care. Has he always been like this?

  • He comforts me and supports me. Break up with him, he obviously doesn't care


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