How to stop talking to someone?

I told this boy I'm talking to that I wanted to be friends, but I'm beginning to not like his vibe. He kind of brings me down and is pushy. I don't want to ignore because that'll look bad on my part, but how do I just let things go? We've been talking for three months. He's the only guy I've been talking to tbh so I don't know. He claims he really like me, but I feel like he can find someone better.


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  • Have you tried being honest with him about how he's making you feel and the kind of vibe he's giving off? I guarantee you that if he truly likes you, he doesn't intend to be that way, and will explain himself and/or change his behavior once educated.

    Also, after three months, if the guy says he really likes you - he means it. You may think he can do better, but as a guy in a similar situation it's not about whether we can or can't do better, it's about who we are happy around. For him, that's you. If you don't feel the same way, let him know. But if you do and you're holding back because "he could do better," let him be the judge of that.

    • Okay honestly he has asked me several times if I felt uncomfortable/had something on my mind, but I'm always scared to say. But why I'm iffy about him is because he barely asks questions about me on a deeper level, seems to ridicule my eating habits, also seems to be jealous of how I'm close with my family, and he's kind of forceful. Like I told him I struggle with anxiety. He also claims he's not talking to anyone else, but when we hanged out last week, I saw a girl's name with love emojis. So I don't know anymore.

    • I've never had a boyfriend/been in a relationship before. We're five years apart by the way. He's 23 and I'm 18.

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  • Fade away little by little. Start by saying you're busy and not talking as much and gradually just disappear.


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