Questions about a Guys behaviour who is 13 years older than me.. (No Judgy People Please)?

(Sorry this is kinda long lol) I'm 19, he's 32 (I thought he was 27. Thats a huge different story though), We're not labled or anything since it's only been a couple months.. But he used to tell me how he's content alone because he's comfortable with himself, he doesn't need a relationship because like i said he's content in his life. So now, he's the one making plans to meet me every single day, he tells me all his financial issues & thoughts, I know every plan about his self made businesses, Im at his house so much that he's suggested/joked I should live there ((I live alone too)), he used to never be on his phone and now he's on it a lot just to text me, I hate water so he buys me coconut water for while Im there to surprise me& joke about it being the only thing i drink, I have a few bits of clothes I keep in his house. Im confused what happened that he went from "Im cool alone" to asking to see me every single day. I've never been around a guy who added me as such. (We've kissed and had sex a 3 times in February) . What is going on? Any feedback on any area of this is appreciated (:


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  • what "im cool alone" means is that while he loves banging a young girl, he's not willing to wife one. he's just into you for the time being before he finds wife material. dont mistake this for me saying he's LOOKING for a wife. he's definitely not because he has you to bang anyway, but you will get replaced by an older much more mature woman than yourself. Dont get too attached. If he wanted to actually be with you he would make it more straight forward, the fact that you have to ask gag should be troubling to yourself as is.

    • also, coconut water isn't actually much more healthy for you, 90% of the big brands that sell it use mature coconut water which is from coconuts where all the nutrients have absorbed into the meat of the coconut and the water is basically just water. if you want healthy coconut water the best way is to extract it yourself, buy a bunch of young green coconuts, they have a lot more coconut milk in them than mature ones and theyre considerably sweeter.

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    • Thats your opinion. but you don't know either of us or the situation. so while I respect your rude opinion, its invalid and irrelevant

    • Woooooow.

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  • Just because a man enjoys being in a relationship doesn't mean he's stopped being "cool alone". But you're only going to know what's going on with him if you ask him and talk about things. Now, while the relationship is new is a good time to develop good, open, safe communication with each other.


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  • How do you feel about the situation?
    Sounds like he's got you as a very close friends with benefits. If you want to be his girlfriend, then you'll need to communicate that. If you're happy keeping it close but not committed then just enjoy what you have

    • I wouldn't say I "want" to be his girlfriend but he makes it obviously he wants that. Im a take it slow type person, and he's told me he'd of asked if it hadn't been only a couple months (Ive know him through his family for a few years. only in January got close). Im not so curious as to a relationship thing, more so curious as to why a guy would change his life to revolve around me when he's been independent and keep to himself so long

    • OK, well maybe you just improve his life? Regardless of whether that's friendly or romantically

  • ummm things change, people change, and feelings change, so at first he was cool with being by himself because that all he needed. Now that you two have spent some time together he realized that he wants you apart of his life. at first he was cool with being alone, but now he wants you to be with him.

  • you are being played. that's what going on.:)

    • Thats not it. I've known him and close to his family for a few years.

    • oh okay
      then it's a completely different situation.
      you should just let things go as they are going.
      I didn't know that you know his family and him for a long time.

    • but take care as well. you never know what intentions a man can have.

  • he doesn't know what he wants


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