How does one know if they are out of someone's league without approaching them?

I'm nervous that this guy may be too good for me that I'm interested in. Looks wise I feel like we are on a level playing field. But career and age wise I'm concerned about. He is 42 and I'm 28. He is a dentist. Will he think he is too old or high up career wise to even consider dating me?


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  • nah age does not matter. I don't think most guys look at woman's career but I may be wrong.

    • And my career isn't bad either but I'm obviously not a dentist nor will ever make that kind of $$

    • Well if he only dates doctors I think that would limit his choices. I met a doctor that made 7 million a year. He was married and said he could not even find anyone to hang out with that made his type of money. He had to fly to resort towns to chill with people. So who knows. Some guys may be career snobs but most likely he is not. If you have a lot of debt he probably would not be keen on that.

  • If you lack confidence or thing a guy is too good for you he will always have the upper hand or will be turned off by your lack of confidence.

    • Well I wouldn't say I lack confidence in who I am just was unsure if the age and type of career he is in was a factor. I only see him at the gym as he takes the same class as me. He always smiles and jokes a lot.

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    • Well I know his name and all of that and a lot more details about him than just that. I know he is divorced as well.

    • go for it, what's the worst that can happen

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  • it depends how you look

    • I'd say we are equal on that. He could pick up any girl he wants I'm sure of it. I've had the same experience in the past with guys. The whole age and career thing is what makes this one different for me.

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