Am I being played?

Been seeing this girl for a few weeks. Had 4 great dates with kissing and groping on the last one. Asked her after the last date when she would be free again. She said she would be busy until Monday. Called her up the day before and she said she may have to work and to call tomorrow. Called her the next day and she had to work plus she had been up for 12 hours already. She did say that she would be free the following Saturday. Called her Friday night and we had a good 20 min talk and I asked if she was still free tomorrow. She said she would be free. So I asked her if she wanted to come over. "mm I don't know". She followed up saying she has been wanting to take me to X when the weather was warmer. We talk for a little bit more and then she said she had to go and would call me back. She had arrived at her families place. Next day comes around I don't hear from her. So I gave her a call a little late into the day and said we should go see a movie. She said she was feeling awful and tired but Monday night would be perfect. Saw her at work the next day. I overheard her saying she was feeling awful the previous day. So we finished work at the same time we were walking to my car. She was bumping into me and everything. I asked what time would be good to see a and she says I don't know I've got to check and see what my boss says (during our shift she even asked if we were still going to see the movie). I follow by saying oh here we go again jokingly. She says that I need to accept the fact she is a workaholic. She then grabbed my arm and held me tight until we got to my car. So I drive her to her car and she gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I say I want a real kiss. So I kissed her on the lips and then she asked for another. I gave her another kiss and she gnawed at my chin. Gave her one more kiss and told her to call me tomorrow and tell me what her boss says. Still haven't heard from her so far today.

She shows all the signs of being interested but has no time.


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  • Yeah you are


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  • Move on. If she had true feelings and interest for you she'd make time. If you really need to know how she feels and if you like her I'd talk to her about it and see what she has to say. The "I'm too busy" card is played way too much and is usually an indicator saying, "I don't have time for you". It's the same as "I can't be in a relationship right now". She's probably attracted to you, or she wants to get sexual and you have yet to make that move, if you haven't already. Can't say for sure if she's playing you until you have this talk with her. Tell her how you feel about it and if you see no improvements within the next few weeks cut her loose. She's not worth it if she can't make time.


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