Should I text him?

Well, i have a crush on that boy
He is in my science class and when we speak he's always kind of flirty
His friends keep telling me that i need to text him and that it's worth. They also always ask me everytime if i like him and when i replied he ignored me for like a week.
He gave me his number because i didn't want to give him mine and he was trying to convince me to do a facetime but i didn't text him and he get upset and agry that day.
We started to talk then he ignored me and we started talking again today.
I really like him and his best friend told me that he loves me and he said yeah i love her but i think that he was joking.
He is kind of popular and respected so i'm afraid that he is just joking ( people in the school always tell that he's not hot just because he's kind of black and has afro hair (as me lol) but i really find him hot)
He keep talking with a bitch but he always reject her and the other one is just his best friend i think.
Should i text him/ talk to him or wait for him?
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  • Wait for him
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  • Talk to him in person
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  • Tbh I'm not going to read all of this so just text him.


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