I want him to want me. How do I do it?

A guy who claims to like me a lot lives 6 hours away. he says he likes me a lot but doesn't show it like he shld because he knows that he is just going to have to leave. when he comes to town he just wants to cuddle but when he leaves our contact is minimal and it drives me insane. the last time he was here i denied his cuddle request because it was like 5am (long night of partying) and i had work in the morning. i told him id see him the next day but he was going to hit the road the next day. he used to call me often but not so much anymore. How do i get his attention back :(


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  • Seems you need to emotionally let go and physically stop trying to make it work. He isn't that into you. I would want to do way more then cuddle if I was a town with a girl I like and is 6 hours away. I would want to make a day out of it, fun stuff then just cuddling.

    • he was only here for that day and during the day i had work and things to do after. but thats no excuse. thanks for your advice

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  • Simply stop getting yourself emotionally attached to people who doesn't care about you. You're giving while he's taking. You're offering while he walks in just to walk out. Why do you do this to yourself? A person who likes you like that would try to make an attempt to be around you IF they see a future with you. However, you need to figure out how you want to be treated.

    • ugh you're so right! i think its just that i feel bad because in the beginning he did call kind of often. at least once a week but me being a skeptic didn't take him too serious but you're right! im just going to fall back and whats meant to be will be.

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  • You better not do anything. At your age, it might kill you.

  • You may not want his attention back because he doesn't seem to care about how you feel. To be honest, you should find someone else who will appreciate you as much as you appreciate them.

    • i know :(. it took me so long to show interest back in him (anxiety). but now im interested and he's so hot cold and says its the distance but invited me to come where he is. i just know im gonna have to initiate the visit after i haven't talked to him for days.

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