Do you think gold diggers are lonely/sad?

I have no problem with that lifestyle but I often feel sorry for those people involved because there is no love or attraction usually.

In in a relationship I always favour personality; honesty, respect, caring, funny, positive, understanding, empathetic, common interests.

I know there is some rich guys and young girls out there who do actually love one another and also enjoy the novelty of "gold digger" type relationships but I was watching that millionaire matchmaker show and it's just so sad that all the girls care about is money and all the guys care about is a hot girl to use as an accessory.

Surely these people get sad or lonely? If your only with a man for money and NOTHING else do you not feel like your missing out on the genuine love and respect that comes with a true relationship?

Dont get me wrong I like a boy who at least works a part time job I would never go for anyone who has no ambition and doesn't contribute to society but it's definitely not a must for them to be rich af.

I know a girl at my work who is a gold digger and she's such a lovely woman who's so pretty and talented but her man is always nasty to her, she tells us all the stories and they argue constantly and she complains about him all the time yet she still is with him... for money !!!

I know I would feel lonely in that relationship, no shade thrown to anyone who is in a relationship like that, all my respect is given :)

any opinions?

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  • Yes, they're the type of people who think money and material stuff will bring them happiness... until they reach 30, no guy wants them, and they end up single and crying themselves to sleep every night.


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  • I don't think they do feel like that.

    Most gold- diggers use their husband for his resources, material and financial gain, but they generally cheat in the relationship with a guy who can offer her something other than money


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  • I don't feel sorry for them at all. I feel sorry for the poor suckers that they fool who they take all their money and things from.

  • Deep down somewhere they are broken

  • yeah , i dont care about them


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