Do you think this "friendzone" thing is stupid?

for some reason I hate when guys say, oh god I'm in the friendzone what should I do?
it gives me an impression that girls are owners of something that doesn't exist

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  • It's a stupid reality


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What Girls Said 4

  • Tbh, when I "friendzone" a guy, it's not because I've become too good of friends with him to date him. It's because I'm not attracted to him or don't like him, for whatever reason, but I still want to stay friends with him post-rejection

    • Exactly. If you get "friend zoned" it's because you are a cool dude, but they don't want to fuck. that's literally it. Stay friends, fuck someone els. Hell, of you become really good friends, she might send you nudes before sending them off to others to make sure she looks good. That's a win in my book!

    • @DustyPP Lmao trueee

  • I think it's both... some girls genuinely take advantage of a guys feelings for her - but I also think those guys should work on their self respect and view of her to see what's actually going on. I know I wouldn't keep doing kind things for someone who didn't return them in some shape or form.
    On the other hand I think some guys use it as an excuse to get all "woe is me" just because a girl doesn't return his feelings. Not everyone is going to like you - if you choose to keep doing favours, buying gifts and treating her like a girlfriend then you've put yourself there

  • Friend zone isn't really stupid it's just a way of saying u are interested in dating someone but u can't because they are a friend and they are dating/interested in someone else.

  • i zone all acquaintances, i like your comment "girls are owners"


What Guys Said 22

  • Yes it is stupid to the people who don't believe in it! LOL

  • I think on the male side of it, there is a difference between being a door mat and being nice. Where you see girls with assholes is because they got duped. No one will ever go up to a girl or guy in a club and spill all their insecurities and craziness. When people know they are a lot to deal with they find other motives or people who will tolerate them, or dupe them.
    I have seen it in customer service as a minority. Other minorities come to my line because they fear how white people will treat them.

    Unless a woman is absolutely crazy she will never love a man who hits them and cheats on them all the time. Ask any woman who has dated a jack ass, ask her how it happened and why. most of the time they will tell you to the effect of "he great in the beginning and then..." he was already moved in, had a joint account and it was too late to just cut it off.
    My one friends ex was doing things outside the relationship he never did in it, like buy her nice crap all the time.

    My advice to men is move on, if you try and get shot down move on. You wouldn't apply for a job, not get it then hang around the office all the time would you?

    On the female side of it, there is a difference between a bad boy and an asshole. I'm a nice guy with bad boy tendencies but I do and say douchey things at times. I do brazilian jiu jitsu and my sparring partners have told me that my 220lbs 5'10" ass is too nice on the mats. But the other day at my new job my coworkers told me our district manager is a douche and I said "I was in the military, once you've had one ass chewing you have had all ass chewings". And they all looked at me like I just came from a mission with a bag of 10,000 nazi scalps. And to many that would be an asshole comment, but did I hurt anyone? No I didn't, but to many that is an asshole comment and you would avoid me like the plague.

    Whether you see it or not. You control everything in the friendzone, if a guy likes you, you shut him down but he keeps trying you gotta get rid of him. But if you are in limbo with him don't string him along either. I have seen that a girl swear up and down she is a guys friend but the minute he moves on she gets pissy because she was waiting for him to become something that she hopes happens e. g graduates law school and becomes a lawyer but another girl see he has the drive to do it so she gets upset that someone else moved in on her "friend". Sometimes you gotta stop thinking with your feelings and just do it

  • Yes. The name on its own is basically just giving the guy an excuse that the only reason she's not interested is because the guy came at her the wrong way. Though it can happen and not impossible either. But unlikely. An example of getting friendzone would because she saw him as her brother. Otherwise, she totally see him as relationship guy. But like I said, unlikely. The chances are much likely its just pure rejection, than friendzoned.

  • So you're saying when the girl I liked told me I was her friend but that I wasn't boyfriend material cause I was TOO caring and understanding that I wasn't friendzoned? Yeah, fuck you pal. The only thing that's stupid is the people who refuse to acknowledge it.

    • it wasn't because you were "caring" or "understanding"
      it happened because you're not man enough
      a real man, can make ANY girl likes him, and if she didn't, he will say fck it, it doesn't matter there's a million girls to choose from
      but all what you did was:holding her stuff, always making compliments for her, not trying for ONCE to sexually approach her, being dumb as fck around her
      so yeah, that's why you're in this so called friendzone
      side note, a real and rational man wouldn't even act like a pussy and say"omg I've been friendzoned oh no I'm doomed"
      and that's what you do, always, pal

  • I think you can be friendzoned but you should move on. There's really no need to try to get someone to change. In other words, the friend zone itself does exist, but the idea to change someone's mind is stupid.

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