I'm really into this guy but he seems to only like short girls?

We have great chemistry but his recent dating past shows he only like girls are significantly shorter than him. He is about my height probably taller (but not by much maybe 1/2 an inch). I know a lot of people are gonna say "A guy wants what he wants, get over him" but I don't know, does it really have to come to that point?


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  • be the girl that changes his mind about taller girls, if we think a girl is hot we don't care if she is our height or short


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  • Seems he wants to be the dominant type. If he gets a girl shorter he'll look dominant rather than an equal height or tall girl.

  • Mostly guys get intimidated by tall women.
    by the way you don't mind him being almost your height?
    How tall are you?

    • I'm 5'4 and no lol

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    • not really, he is a sweet guy and i don't exactly wear heels all the time.

    • but he is hsort for a man and hence he is bound to e insecure.

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