I really like this guy and I think he likes me... but there's a problem?

So all of my friends think this guy likes me even people who aren't my friends think he likes me because he always looks at me when I'm not looking and he always is :-) when I'm around him and he always tries to make me laugh and he's always happy and he does funny stuff to me like steals my stuff and tells me I can't have it till the next class which I think is him trying to see me more but there was a problem... today he told me that he likes this girl but she is older than him but four years now we are both A little bit under the age of 18 and she is under the age of 18 also but only by one year but she's old enough and we are young enough that it would be weird to see them dating and he's lying about his age to her but I don't know if he actually likes her because she lives somewhere else I think he might like me but I'm not sure can I have some advice?


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  • He likes her


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