How do I know if a guy likes me?

I don't know if a guy just sees me as a friend or something more


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  • every guy is different but usually the obvious signs are he tries to be around you more. or stare and try lots of small talk. but that might not be for every guy so you'll have to get to know him more to find out

  • hot flirting, heavy swaggering, touchy feely usually means he wants get down with you if just bland conv probably just friendliness

  • If he likes you he'll look at you more, smile at you a lot often, find excuses to hang around you, find excuses to touch you.
    Its the same as girls.
    If i like someone i'll stare at him a lot, touch him as much as i can, look for ways to make him laugh and... just can't help myself but smile each time he smiles at me.
    Also, i'll probably tell other girls to back the fuck off. "He's mine"


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