How would you talk to him

If you like this guy but you don't want to tell him that you like him how would you talk to him call him or text him what should I do


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  • You could call him and ask him out but that's like throwing a dice where you don't know what your chances are and just hope for the best he says yes.

    Chat him up when you have the chance to bump into him, or else make the chance happen, or get him to notice you, hang out with his friends, befriend one of his friends. The opposite sex will respond to you only if you are of social value to him/her. And how do we increase our social value? it is by surrounding ourselves with other people that "seem" to value us.

    If your boy is the average joe then just trying to bump into him and leading him on to chat with you and slowly arousing his sense about your girly assets should be enough for him to get interested in you and start pursuing you.


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