Can anyone explain how exactly a friends with benefits works?

I was talking to a guy and i guess we have a friends with benefits or more of a f*ck buddy situation cause we dont go out he only calls when he wants sex which is usually once a wk and i dont hear from him till next wk when he wants it again. He doesn't buy me anything or do anything for me. I constantly feel like he is taking from me but won't give anything back. Its crazy cause i like him and would like to get to know him more but we are way pass that stage cause its been 2yrs and i know i can't change what i allowed to happen and im not quite ready to let him go yet. So can someone help me in this situation and im kinda ok with a friends with benefits as long as he does what he needs to to keep me happy and i do the same for him


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  • Friends with benefits is supposed to go both ways in which after any meet-up you're both suppose to feel satisfied. If he's using you just as a sex doll for him to get off then that's not the way it's supposed to be.
    Also, that voice in you head that says you want him and like him, ignore it, it's lying to you. that's just the hormones talking. Even if those were your true feelings, I doubt you'd get the love you're looking for back.
    Ultimately if you want sex and you enjoy the sex then there's nothing wrong. But if he's using you for sex, give him the boot.

    • I know he's playing a game he said he loved me once but i really do care about him. Is it ok to want a hug or cuddle with your fwb?

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    • Your right i do need to communicate im just scared to hear what he has to say is all. Thanks for your help

    • I'm glad I could be of assistance. 😊

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  • just stop saying yes to sex and see how that goes. most likely that's all he wants from you if that's all he's doing

    • I want to but its the only way i can see cause all he wants is sex

    • I've never said yes to sex

    • just try it trust me it will be better for you

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  • I'm sure others will help you out, but if you still need help just DM me. Basically if you don't want to cut him off ask him if you two can do more than just fuck. Make sure you explain that you still just want to be friends with benefits, but would like to do more than that with him.


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  • you'll have to talk to him about how you feel

    • Its hard cause he'll just say im in my feelings sometimes i just want a hug and maybe cuddle am i wrong to want that since we're not in a relationship