Guys, Did I sound needy/clingy?

I have this guy friend we've been friends for 3 years. We started hooking up when he invited me to his Thanksgiving and told me he has a "soft spot for me" and I've met his friends & we talk all the time , I think he wants to date me (gut feeling & how he treats me, he offers to help all the time & he's there for me when I cry ect) but the other day he was at the gym where I work and he was joking "uuugh I just want to die. I'm just going to kill myself lol" I said "nooo please don't" and he joked "No one loves me  Lulu (his best friends dog) is the only one who loves me and she doesn't even talk. that's my only girlfriend  No one loves meeee" then he made the puppy dog face and I said "that's not true at all" but he didn't believe me. He's been joking lately about dying and getting hit by a sniper shot as he's walking to work etc. So after he left it bothered me & I sent him this:

"it hurts me when you joke about wanting to die/no one caring. I know it's just jokes but it's not funny. I'd really miss you "

he sent back "That's very sweet. But I mean like a sniper shot - quick and painless. Not like immolation or anything" I texted "lol oh well then that's ok 🙄" and he said "it's cathartic to talk like that bc it's so ridiculous." Then we joked about other things. I want to ask him if he's free to hang tomorrow but I'm not sure if that's too needy. We were supposed to hang the last two weekends but it didn't work out. One was my fault. The other was his bosses fault


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  • Yes, definitely ask him! It won't sound needy or clingy, why wouldn't two people who get along want to hang out and spend time together?

    Also, your message to him may have not gotten through the way you intended based on his response lol

    • Thanks! I think I will ask him. And wait what do you mean about the message not getting across based on his response? lol

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    • Right, I just mean that for anyone 3 years can make them only want to be friends. Oh is this that guy that asked to see a concert with you?

    • @Salohcin22 yes it is! He knew I wanted to see this band that we both like so he asked me if i wanted to go with him. He also asked me to be his date at his friends bday party. And he's been flirty and sexy with me. And last weekend we tried to meet up. He was going to come to my area and hang out for the day but then his boss called him in. That was his idea to hang not mine. That's why it's so weird

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