How to successfully flirt with hot guy sales associate if you're a girl?

So I went into a store today (with my brother) and saw this super hot guy and I really wanted to talk to him! Luckily i needed help getting a pair of jeans for my brother (let's call him bob) & he came to the rescue. While bob tried on the jeans the guy asked me if he was doing fine or if he needed a different size. Obviously I said different size & he was happy to help. He kept asking me if I needed anything else a few times after (even if he was with a customer) & like smiled & stuff. Then when we finally checked out I gave him my stuff (bathing suit) and he looks at me and goes "did you try it on?" But I said I had tried it on before and he goes "it's nice" and I'm like I know I think it's really cute! Basically he seemed kinda flirty during the transaction. Bob even thought so too. (Also I pointed out that bob was my brother) I just wanna know like, does he seem interested or am I looking too much into this? & when I go in next time & see him what should I do?


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  • I don't know man.. he commented on your bathing suite sooo... possibly maybe yes

  • Ask him out. Simple as that.


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