Am I in friendzone?

Hello there, at first sorry for my English. So I met this girl like 5 months ago and we started to talk a little like 4 months ago. We saw couple of films together and we are planning to watch even more films, we were hugging during the movies, but sometimes, she is totally ignoring me, like she don't even talk to me in school, but again, sometimes when I meet her in school she get really close to me that our bodies are touching and she just say couple of words and yes, again, the next day she's ignoring me again. Yesterday I went on party with her and her friends and almost whole night she was just with her friends. To be honest I think it was just because they were drunk and she cared for them or maybe because of her friends know that we probably like each other a lot, so she's forcing us to the relationship and maybe she's trying hide her feelings from her. When she was leaving the party, she wanted me to accompany her home, so we left the party sooner because she had to get up early because of parttime job. Before we left, she ran to her old friend from elementary school and hugged him a lot and I got really jealous. Then we left, I took her by the hip, she didn't mind that at all and then we were walking home, just talking about some things and then she said that the guy which she hugged is really kind and I got jealous even more. After couple of minutes, I saw that she has her hand in pocket, so touched her elbow and slowly made it to her pocket and grabbed her hand, we put our hands out of her pocket and walked home with our hands together. When we arrived she just quickly said "See you on Monday" and "Good night". Do you guys have any idea why she is ignoring me sometimes? Am I in friendzone? Girls, would you hold someone hand and let him touch your hip if you would count him as a friend? And why did she left so quickly and just said "See you on Monday", was it because she was nervous? Gosh, I'm really stupid when it comes to relationships...


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