Meeting a guy I used to date for drinks - but he wants me to go shopping with him beforehand - is this girlfriend duty?

I dated a guy I met online for a month- everything was going great and fine, then suddenly 3 weeks ago he dumps me and he wanted to be "friends" . I personally am unsure about being friends since we never were to begin with.

I didn't text him at all since ending it, but every week on a friday/saturday, he would ask to meet for drinks. Even when he just dumped me, 4 days later he asked to meet for drinks! Each time he asked, I said no.

Yesterday night, he asked to meet for drinks tonight, which I said yes to, but I am still unsure about it since I still like him. We said to meet at 7, but then he asks what I am doing now till then, and he tells me he needs to buy a jacket and that if i'm free i should join in buying a jacket with him.

What is he doing? He dumped me first and now it seems like i am doing girlfriend duties by going around shops helping him to buy a jacket?

What do you guys think? Is he trying to come back? We never kissed or had sex either... so I really don't know what he is trying to do, since he was the one that ended it. Or is it just purely friends?


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  • I think it's more that he wants to spend time with you. He's probably anxious to see you and wants to see you sooner. I would say no to doing that, and if you really want to go for drinks then go for a couple hours. See if you still like him yourself and if not use it as closure. I think he wants what he can't have, and he wants you to be hooked on him again.


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  • he's trying to maintain a relationship with you


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