Who is more attractive of these 3 ?

I've been reading about racial attractiveness and race preferences from woman since 2011 and I've noticed that the top 2 are always #1 white men and #2 Latinos.
But 3 , 4 , and 5 always change slightly.
Sometimes black men are at the very bottom and most of the time its indian (south asian) at the bottom.
I've also noticed that media and Hollywood hype have become an aid assist aid for us black men dating interracialy but its not enough.
As a black man I've had no real success with even decent woman on pof and I've even seen woman put on their profiles "no blacks" most of who are Latinas.
It also makes me wonder of how are Latinos ranking at 2nd with absolutely no media aid.
Is it Because Latinos are the closest to white men features?
Some Online dating stats show that most Latino profiles are the mestizo group of Mexican and puertorican guys.
Why is it that black men score poorly in online dating?
Do most woman find us ugly?
Is it easier for a black to pick up woman in the club because of our clever pick up lines rather than our good looks?

In online dating Even east Asian men pull eastern woman who are the most desired woman just above Asian woman.
Although east Asian men tend to rank low as well.
Between Indian, east Asian and black men. who got more attractive men in your opinion?
Who is more attractive of these 3 ?


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  • Latina women. black men and Latino men

    • So you love Black men?

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    • What do you like about us?(:

    • @Rick-Lewis

      She's a catfishπŸ˜‚ i just found out the source of her downloaded pictures πŸ˜‚
      Jesus some people have no life πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  • i like white girls and Latino 1s


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  • White > Latino > Black
    Although i do have a thing for non-white guys because i love color contrast thee most attractive guys iv met or in my fantasies are white, sometimes latino. Also i'm weird, im picky with guys i want to date but not really, if i can't have a guy who's a 8+/10 i just turn to my kink for color contrast as a default.

    • What about mixed race? I'm mixed race latino who's part black from my dads side.

      Although I have to be honest. White women have always been the race I found the least attractive but I've never been with a white women before so I have been curious haha.

    • Most of my girlfriends have been either black or latina women

    • I should say most people I've dated since they weren't all my girlfriend, some were just girls I was dating, most have been temporarily/non serious

  • I like white guys


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  • None are more attractive than the other.. And yeah, online dating sucks for "Black" people "Indian" guys, and maybe East "Asians" period.. Some people like to make it sound like "Black" guys either got just as much of a chance as "White" guys, or that we are straight studs.. Which is true in some small areas but generally it's not true..

    • Do you think Latinos get more than blacks over all?
      When i was in high school , Latinos were considered 2nd most attractive just below white.
      Its funny to me that its the same shit in online dating as well as interracial marriages

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    • Yeah i agree. Another thing is that we should not degrade our sistas because they too are starting to look into interracial relationships. I see more and more of them now wanting white guys.
      Im interested in any girl but we are at a disadvantage

    • Aw yeah.. Exactly.. I don't like when "Black" dudes degrade "Black" women.. Cause they already get even less love ( in the dating world at least) than we do, and also they'll be totally against us if this keeps up..

  • Latino

  • Ugh, this online unverified polls and research. Every guy is different. I am bi-racial and I pull all kinds of women.