Saw a neat girl at store , randomly yesterday , think she had potential?

happened to be out yesterday and in a local convenience store to cash a lottery ticket , this random girl showed up in a taxi from somewhere? and then came in the store and got a drink

she was pretty good looking , I'd say maybe early or mid 20's , from her look she cam across as someone who'd be fun and interesting to be with , I realise I don't have a lot to go on and don't even know if she's single but I honestly think she had potential

but she must be local and she left store and appeared to be walking home? being that she is local and its such a small town , maybe i'll run into her again somewhere?


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  • If it's a small town like you said yeah probably


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  • Hopefully you do, homie. Try to initiate a conversation with her. But first, next time you see her analyze her. See what she's wearing, if she has any tattoos, etc. You can use that information to your benefit for when you do initiate a conversation with her.


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  • anything is possible


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