Do you think it's wrong for conjoined twins to date the same person?

I'm supposed to go out with conjoined twins, is it okay to date both?


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  • You kinda have to. Very interesting situation. If they both like you, why not?

    • They both like me, some people may think it's wrong but oh well.

    • I always wondered how this would go. How much of the same body do they share? Other than kissing, they both can feel their body right? So they can probably both feel the pleasure of sex from you and when you touch their body. I just think it would be easier over all if you dated both. Like, what do you do? Put a towel over the other sisters face the whole time? That is sorta mean. It's not that I am pushing for a threesome, but this is an extreme situation where it would be easier to just be with both at the same time. Not only that, but if they share the same body but they each have separate boyfriends, who has more right to the body, you or the other guy? Not only that, but if the other guy just got done having sex, would you still want to get in there afterwards?

    • Probably not, we would have to take turns.

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