Does he like me?

So I work at a tutoring center and there's this guy who's a few years older than me who works there too. Once he was tlaking to my boss when I walked by he looked at me and then back down and looked nervous. Another day when I walked in his mouth dropped open and he looked amazed. When I was teaching my class, I saw him looking at me through the glass window with the same expression. ABout 30 mins later he knocked o my door and opened it. He said that we haven't been introduced yet and then he told me his name and asked for mine and then asked what class I taught. A week later before my class started, I was walking in the hallway a lot and eventually he stood outside and smiled really big and said hi to me. Another day he came into my class and asked if he could borrow a whiteboard marker. I thought that was stranger bc there were plenty of rooms closer to his that he couldve gone to. Today I was setting up my class and he walked in to move his stuff away. He talked to me and asked which classes I teach, where I went to college, and a bunch of stuff about school and I did the same. He was happy when he found out we went to the same college for undergrad. Then he asked "your name is ____ right?" and I said yes, and he said "okay good I remembered"


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  • He obviously likes you.


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