If you saw your crush reject somebody, would you be more or less likely to ask them (your crush) out later?

So, what would you do? Would it encourage or discourage you if could see how your crush rejected someone's interest?
  • Less likely-If they'd reject them, they'll probably reject me too!
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  • Less likely-I don't want to look like I'm rubbing it in the rejected person's face.
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  • More likely- less competition, so I have a better chance!
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  • More likely- maybe they rejected them just because they want me instead!
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  • Depends on how harsh/gentle they did the rejecting.
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  • Doesn't really matter. It's between them, not me.
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  • Doesn't matter. I'm never going to actually ask them out anyway.
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  • Depending on her perception of me, I'd probably be more likely to ask her out simply because she rejected someone else, especially if I feel like she likes me much more than a guy she rejected.

  • I'd probably get scared and not ask her out. I have a difficult time dealing with rejection.


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