This is the second time he's said he feels there's something more between us but his actions don't add up?

4 months of talking, only 2 dates in the very beginning, and never had sex. The first time he told me this was when we were talking everyday. he said he feels comfortable with me and that he feels there's more to our relationship than just sexual attraction. (We are both good looking and initially were trying to keep it casual). I agreed with him that I really liked him. The next day he said he was drunk the night before, so I kind of thought he was playing it off and didn't mean what he said. I saw him after, one last and since then we've both been too busy for anything. He messages me every once in a while maybe once a week. But it's never conversation like before and I've kind of thought he was backing off. Well a few days ago he says he wishes he could see me and how's life going and stuff. He says it again "I think there's more there." And I say "just 2 sexy people trying to get together lol" and he says "yeah. But I meant there's more than just that." I tell him yes because I don't just talk to a guy for months without ever seeing them and he said me either. We talked the whole day and he said he'd talk to me the next day. The next day he just said hey, Wyd and really didn't keep the convo going. What is he doing?


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  • Actions speak louder then words, if a person doesn't follow through, more then likely they will never follow through in the future. Always go by actions.


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