How does one go about asking a waitress out?

There is a very pretty girl that works at a small diner in my little home town that I eat breakfast in at least once a week.
She is very nice and calls me by name when I go in, I know it's her job to be nice but I can't help but be interested in her.
I've only had one girlfriend in my life and I'm in my late 20s and I have no idea how to attract a woman, the only reason I had the one girlfriend for a few years is because we worked together for awhile and then she started showing interest in me. I am not shy and am very polite to her but I don't know how to leave customer mode and get her to see me as a potential date. Another problem is I know nothing about her, if she's single or even her age.
My question is mostly for women maybe even ones who have worked as a waitress, how would I go about getting some of this info from her and show interest in her without coming off as a creep or just another guy who hits on the pretty waitress? What would some of you suggest I could say to her that she would respond positively to?


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  • Just ask her if she would like to go out on a date with u. give her a compliment then ask


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  • right on the bill your phone number and {date?} and you will see if she respinds or not and if she didn't call you just look at her when you walk in the next time u go: angry/oh no face = no go happy/blushing face go ask her directly I hope I could help it ain't gone be easy tho

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    • @nameus3r I have done some small talk just wish I knew if she was single. I don't really want to ask her out if she's not and In my experience all pretty girls have boyfriends.

    • I think presumed innocence applies. You'll ask (following the good advice provided here), then if she declines due to having a boyfriend, where is the problem?

      Asking "do you have a bf?" is something women experts never do, it's = candidly telling her "want to be my gf?"

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