Did I mess up things with this guy? Please read?

So I've been knowing this guy for about four months. I'm 18 and he's 23. When we first started hanging out, I didn't really set boundaries and he was kind of forceful. After I told him how I felt, he stopped. I never had a boyfriend before, so I was kind of skeptical. I was wondering whether he was just using me for sex. After hanging out for about six times, I began to see how he truly cares for me, makes me laugh, understand my situation, and makes me happy. He also met my mom.
Now I'm a bit worried I messed things up between us. We hung out today for about six hours, and I began to see how we vibe together. Like I can be myself around him. The only thing is, I asked how he felt about me seeing other people. My mom told me I shouldn't just settle and keep my options open. He also asked me if I wasn't talking to anyone else, and I lied and said I was. I don't know if I should tell him the truth and tell him that I'm only talking to him. He told me how he was willing to wait for me. After I told him that, he didn't talk to me and his behavior changed. Did I mess things up for good? Am I wrong for telling him I wanted to date other people?

He also mentioned how he didn't want to lose me. And I kind of don't want to lose him as well. He's the first guy that's genuinely showed interest me. I've been depressed and lonely for a while, and he kind of has changed my behavior. I don't know :(


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  • I mean why ruin a good thing with a guy who cares about you? You should try to get in a relationship or just continue dating exclusively

    • I know.. It's just I told him how I wanted to be friends and get to know each other. Plus there are some red flags.

    • What red flags?

    • Like he seems to be jealous a little of my family. Cause his family is distant, and mine are my close. He always make comments about it.

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