Self conscious that my boyfriend and I weigh the same?

So I have a hard time with this but I've never brought it up to my boyfriend. I'm 5'2" and 145 pounds. It's distributed evenly, my waist being exactly 10 inches smaller than my bust and hips. I could stand to lose another 20 pounds definitely, and I've been trying to. I'm 30 pounds down so far, because I used to be fairly overweight. I'm a medium or small in clothes now, and about a size 8.
Im Latina but my boyfriend is Asian and he's 5'10" and weighs 150. He is VERY slim and trim. He is light but had a nice physique and some muscle definition, he's probably like at 10% body fat or less! He even has a little six pack getting started.
i feel so self conscious when I'm with him. When I hug him his waist is so slim. I've never been into skinny or slim guys, but I like him. He says he loves my thickness and curves and he really loves my boys especially my boobs, but I wonder if he's compromising standing my body because he likes me as a person. I wish we could go to the gym together. He doesn't eat very well, just once a day and usually healthy stuff. I love his body now but I'd love it if he put on a little more weight and got a little heftier looking. I'd love to be smaller too. I think we look a bit awkward next to each other. How do I get over this? :(
Boobs not boys, typo


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  • err no I'm skinny and love curvy girls because you have so much to grab and play with


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