How do I know if she is gay?

I met a girl last night at a bar. After a couple mins of convo i sensed the feeling she liked me. She remembered what i was drinkin before i even sat next to her, she called me handsome a couple times n said i have a great smile. When i asked to give her number my number she hesitated at first but then took it n texted me 2 hours later...

The text said "hey man, i hope ur having fun". N then it hit me... could she possibly be gay? Then it dawned on me, her hair was im a ponytail, she wasn't dressed like a dude but it wasn't too feminine either (definitely girls clothes tho) she was flirtatious with a lotta guys, n she lifts a lotta weights n has big arms for a girl

Im not trynna wife her, more so just fuck. Before i waste time how do i kno if she is into guys or not?


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  • If she's not slobbing my knob then that usually means she plays for the other team.


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