When are you okay with the following with someone: Holding Hands, Kiss, Make Out, Sex? What order and when? Would you wait for an relationship?

Or would you do all while just dating? What works for you? Feel free to add in other things too.


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  • Holding hands and kissing i'd be ok with when i'm dating the person. Though it needs to be "i'm serious about dating you and only you". Nowadays dating is seen nothing serious. It's just getting to know a pool of people. Making out and sex is something i'd want to do in a relationship.

    • So would you mind kissing someone if they are also dating other people then? That's how I feel and I thought I was crazy.

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    • Yes exclusive dating is a thing. It is something that is talked about with two people, so if you feel like he is someone you like and want to know on a deeper level, let him know :) no problems and good luck lovely

    • Awesome! Thanks :)

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  • It depends on the person and their skills.

  • I think holding hands is more something of when you're dating, when there's emotions involved. Kissing and making out I do everytime I go out to a club or something. Sex I'd reserve for when you're dating (in a relationship) since I'm a virgin who almost lose her virginity with a guy who she was not dating and he stopped taking to her and learned her lesson.

    • Lets say your going on our 1st, 2nd and 3rd date with a guy and its progressing. Hold hands or kiss first?

    • Which usually happens first?

    • I think it depends on how you feel with each other. If you are really attracted to each other but it's pending more to a body attraction than kissing. But if you feel so involved with each other that you want to make a (soul) connection, then hold hands and eventually kiss. It's not a rule though

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