Can a guy fall in love with a girl if girl is nice and shows interest and is sweet to him?

I wonder if this is possible. If a girl does the following:

-cook for him when he is hungry
-give him random small gifts like chocolate and marbles because he is helping her like giving ride
-texting and asking him how his big thing went like interview or house sale
-offering him help for moving in or fixing things
-asking him and listening to him if he looks unhappy and frustrated
-having similar interests and doing things he likes to do as well like running or gardening or camping
-inviting him to movies he is into like Logan, XMen
-giving him space and not texting everyday but rather every three days
-asking him what he likes in bed (if sex is involved) and trying to do he likes or he wants to try
-planning dates
-not letting him pay for her all the time and sometimes letting me pay for him
-introducing new things to him like new world cinema or new type of music
-showing interest in and trying to learn what kind of music he listens to
-asking questions about his life his values etc without prying into private life and trying to get to know him
-not forcing him or rushing to become exclusive but taking slowly
-asking his help if needed like fixing sink
-girl having a life and friends and hobbies and showing him that she is not needy or clingy
-girl having her shit together and knowing what she wants and telling him with confidence.

examples are a lot. These were couple of them. Both parties are adults 28 years old. And they want to settle. They met online. They had sex. They have been dating for 4 months.

i wonder if a guy can fall in love with a girl if the girl is determined and tries everything to please him and be sweet because the girl likes him.
Girls is average attractive, but fit. she has some blackheads in her nose. And she is 5'3, 120 pounds. Guy has good job. His face is beautiful. He has average body. 160 pounds 5'9. He doesn't talk much. She does the talk buT she is successful in making him talk. They have dates that dont end up with sex always. But she initiates mostly almost 65% of the total dates. He has a lot going on in his life it seems.


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What Guys Said 2

  • That can happen yes 😊😅

    • Do you think the girl should pursue and be sweet to him? What makes a guy fall in love?

    • Kindness, a spark, having a good understanding and attractive in a girl 😊

  • ideal girl 👐


What Girls Said 1

  • No. If the feelings aren't there then they're not there

    • But i fell in love with my ex if 4 years after 6 months of dating and no feeling anything. Why do you think so?

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