22 years old never had a girlfriend and in my final semester of university and have been called numerous time by girls, "boring" or, "a 40 yo man", help?

Like the title states I've been called boring or been told I act like a 40 year old man. Another thing I've been called is serious, I just don't know what to do, I'm not a funny person and when I was in high school I tried to lighten up and tried to be more fun but people got bothered and apparently thought I was being annoying. I just don't know how to change that and like the title states I have never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl either.
Does anyone else have any advice as to how to solve this one female told me that's it's okay girls will want serious guys when we are older but then I read questions saying that an almost 30 year old man with no girlfriend or experience is weird or sends red flags. What girl is going to want an inexperienced guy who is serious and boring and doesn't know wtf he is going when already in college I see girls with multiple guys already or going on there 9th or 10nth boyfriend, does anyone have some advice or help? To also add, all my friends are serious as well and are uninterested in hanging out so in actuality I am pretty much friendless plus since I'm considered boring I don't drink or club because of the career I want to pursue, any advice?
Also one last thing, yes I tried online dating and it was a disaster, of the few women who reciprocated interest, they just stopped talking to me or bailed when I tried to set up a date, so any help?


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  • If you try to be an approachable person, that's step one. People are more comfortable getting to know someone who looks outwardly pleasant in demeanor, and who is equally pleasant in personality. Learn to ask questions and listen to the people you speak to before talking about yourself. Be interested and willing to hear what others have to say, and smile as you approach or speak to them.

    I've said this to others before: Look at each person as a unique individual who has a fascinating and unique story, and make an attempt to nudge some of that story out of them. Look past the surface and try to feel their emotions along with them as they speak.

    An idea is to search for the girls who you'd tend to notice least, on the perimeter of most social gatherings. They have stories and want to be talked to, and are often more appreciative and genuine in getting to know someone.

    Here's a link to a MyTake that might help as well: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a35281-tactics-for-comfortable-enjoyable-cross-gender-communication


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  • You can't fix that. What you need to do is to be the 'strong and silent' type.

    That's how you define yourself. You find flirting, joking and general small talks a waste of time. Cut straight to the point. No need for pussyfooting. Direct and bold. Otherwise, just smile and find the silly people dancing around the issue.

    Given that you work out and look sort of decent. Just cut through the chase and ask the girl directly: "You look hot. I am not a smooth talker so... Would you like a date?". Of course, you will get shot down like ducks in the NES game but just keep going.

    • How did you know I work out lol?

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    • I never thought of things that way, that's a pretty good observation.

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  • Hang out doing the things you are interested in, go places YOU like and just befriend people. A woman with the same likes/interests as you, will not find you boring. And the best girlfriend/boyfriend is someone that starts as a friend!


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  • "I've been called boring or been told I act like a 40 year old man" lol

    if u have decent physical appearance u can get a girl, without being funny, talkative, etc. u just need to have decent social awareness then u just talk to her directly for instance: praise something about her, ask directly to go for a date, ask directly what she likes to do, speak directly ur opinons on a certain subject without trying to be funny, etc.

    if she giggles while talking to u, it's not because u are funny, but for her u are funny, did u get the idea? the idea is not being objectivaly funny, the idea is being funny for the girl, and even serious and dull guys can sound funny for a girl if she is interested on u

  • cases like you are much more common than you think

    • How do I solve this vicious cycle, females say that being a virgin doesn't matter and that it will come but then at the same time I read answers by females on other questions saying that it's odd for a guy to be close to 30 with no girlfriend and that they don't like inexperience, how's a guy suppose to get out of this cycle when you are getting different answers.

    • maybe lower standards?

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